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Mrs. Hurtice Howard, Principal

528 Redbud Street

Greenville, Mississippi 38701


Grades Pre-K - 6

Julia L. Armstrong Elementary School houses grades Pre-K - 6, 3 resource classes, and 2 Honors Classes. The complex consists of 28 classrooms, a library, and a cafeteria. 

Armstrong’s mission is to ensure that students’ achievement is reflected in meeting the demands for alternative performance-based assessment in the Mastery Curriculum in the
following areas: 

A. Language arts and Mathematics

B. Networking with the parent, school, and community

C. Development of student self-esteem and teacher

Two computer labs, Jostens and New Century Education, are a part of Armstrong’s technology phase. We also have computers within the classrooms in Pre-K - 3. The library has access to the Internet.

Our extra-curricular programs consist of a cheerleading squad, girl scout troop, student council, and sixth grade band. 

Gifted Students Involved

The intellectually gifted program is housed at Armstrong Elementary School. The students involved in the program are bused from ten of the elementary schools within the Greenville Public Schools District. A different group of students are transported by bus to Armstrong Elementary daily. We have a very understanding and pleasant bus driver. She treats the children like they are her own. At the present time, there are forty-one students enrolled in the program from grades 2-6. Screening for placement in the program is an ongoing process.

We teach using the unit approach. The units include the Process Skills suggested by the State Department of Education. The skills are creativity, group dynamics, communication, critical thinking, self-direction and research. For the 2000-2001 school term, the students were involved in two major units of study. Please visit each semester's page to read about the activities and see the pictures by clicking the links to the left.Facilitators for the students are Mary I. Hardy and Carol Oakes.


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