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(Insert Picture of E. E. Bass) Greenville established its first public school in 1866, the year the city was rebuilt after its destruction during the Civil War. Since a separate municipal school district was created in 1884, it has been served by only eleven superintendents, all recognized for their educational leadership and innovation.

In Mississippi, the Greenville system instituted the first science labs in 1888, the first schools system-furnished textbooks in 1890, the first physical education department in 1899, and the first public school kindergarten and the first art department in 1905.


In 1992, Greenville High School conducted its 100th graduation, the most of any public school in the state.


Currently under the leadership of Superintendent Arthur J. Cartlidge, Ed.D., the Greenville Public School District enrolls approximately 7,400 students and ranks second among municipal school districts and ninth among all districts in the state in pupil population.


The district operates 11 neighborhood elementary schools (PreK-6), two middle schools (7-8), and one high school located on two campus sites (9-12), a countywide vocational technical complex, and an alternative school.


Greenville was one of the earliest districts to be accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). The middle schools and the high school continue to be fully accredited by SACS. All schools in the district are accredited by the Mississippi State Department of Education.


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