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21st Century Learning Centers Soaring Beyond Expectations
Providing a safe, nurturing learning environment after school

Linda N. Hughes, Director

Barbara McCoy, Federal Programs Director

Sheila A. Washington, Administrative Assistant

600 South Harvey Street
Greenville, MS 38701
Fax: 662-334-7144

It is evident that kids who have caring adults in their lives, safe places to go after school, and constructive activities to absorb their interest and energy, stand a much better chance of avoiding trouble, succeeding in school and leading happier lives than those who don't.

With this in mind, the Greenville Public Schools Federal Program department wrote and received a grant to fund after-school programs for seven school districts: Hollandale, Indianola, Tallahatchie, Quitman County, Cleveland, Western Line and Greenville.

The Delta Horizon Project is designed to bring vision to the students and adults of the Mississippi Delta. The vision the project intends to fulfill is one of hope and self-help. By developing individual competence in academic skills and putting these skills to work with other common skills - knowledge, partnerships and problem solving abilities - the project brings a sense of self-determination to children and adults who often see little help for a brighter future.

The goals are:

Decrease alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drug use among project participants.

Increase student competence and confidence in reading, writing, and match by providing new, less judgmental ways of learning.

Program participants will make connections between acquiring skills and knowledge and real-world success.

The "hook" of existing and project arts and recreation programs leads participants to academic "ladder" activities.

New nutrition and health knowledge will result in better participant well-being.

Adults and children will attend and benefit from Extension and Health Services family skills sessions.

Bring state and local government services closer to those who need them most.

The Greenville project is housed at McBride Elementary School, Manning Elementary School and Webb Elementary School.
For more information, you may contact the Delta Horizons' office at
334-7134 or 334-7143.