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The Carpentry course of study prepares students to build houses and do 
various other wood-related crafts. Each student will actually build a house in 
miniature (average size of 21 x 30 inches) of their own. Students will also build 
a full-sized house as a group project. Students will learn skills and professional 
secrets in laying out, fabricating, erecting, installing and repairing wooden 
structures and fixtures. The course includes instruction in framing, types 
of materials, estimating cost of labor and materials, blueprint reading, roofing, finish work and painting. Students will learn how to design houses using Microsoft Windows 95 on the computer. This course is designed to guide the student into careers as carpenters, cabinet makers, foreman, supervisors or contractors in their own business.

Prerequisites: N/A

Equivalent to: N/A

Credits: 2  

Student Leadership Organizations: VICA

Two 3 hour blocks