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Brickmasonry is designed for any student having the interest, aptitude, and 
ability to learn the basic techniques of laying bricks to the line, building leads, 
leveling and plumbing brick and block walls, tuckpointing, cutting masonry units, 
building scaffold, mixing mortar, setting stone, blueprint reading, 
estimating masonry materials and learning hands-on mason tender techniques 
and good work attitudes.

Prerequisites: N/A

Equivalent to: N/A

Credits: 2  

Student Leadership Organization: VICA 

Two 3 hour blocks

Course Content

Brick, Block and Stonemasonry I

Brick, Block and Stonemasonry II

Orientation and Leadership Activities
Power Tools and Equipment
Basic Tools and Equipment
Estimating Materials
Basic Skills
Blueprint Reading
Mixing Mortar
Shop Practices
Spreading Mortar
Lay Straight Block Walls
Wall Layout
Lay Straight Brick Walls
Laying to the Line
Lay Brick and Block Composite Walls
Building Rack-Back Leads
Lay Brick and Block Commercial Building
Building 4-inch Return Corners
Lay Brick and Block Commercial Building
Building Mail Boxes

Mr. Toney Richards, VICA Advisor