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"A Community of Learners"

Dr. Janice Dean, Principal

Ms. Norma McDavid, Assistant Principal

361 Bowman Blvd.

Greenville, Mississippi 38701


Grades Pre-K - 6

Welcome to Matty Akin Elementary School's Home Page. We are one of eleven elementary
schools in Greenville. We have an enrollment of approximately 700 students. 

Our school mascot is the owl and our school colors are blue and gold.

As Greenville's largest elementary school, we, the administration of Matty Akin, follow the
philosophy that all children should be afforded the opportunity to receive an education that
goes beyond the basics. Students must be enabled to solve problems, to analyze
literature, to use computers and other technological media, and to read and write in a logical manner.

Matty Akin is proactive in its undertakings. We seek to implement new methods of
instruction that will reach the diverse populations that we serve. In order to accomplish this
aim, Akin has readied many brain-based procedures to achieve our objectives.