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 Activities at Darling School

Our New Principal:

Ms. Eddie Mae Humphrey is a native of Stoneville, Mississippi. She has ten siblings. Ms. Humphrey attended Mississippi Valley State University and Delta State University. She is the mother of three children. Her favorite color is red. She enjoys reading and her favorite food is fish. Ms. Humphrey's philosophy of life is, "If one does not change, he/she will remain at point zero." Her philosophy on education is, "All children can learn if given the appropriate tools to work with."

Rhymes Honored by City Council:

Darling's Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Christine Rhymes, was honored by the Greenville City Council on October 17, 2001 for her exemplary performance during the 2001-02 school term in relationship with the Mississippi Department of Education. She received a plaque to commemorate the occasion.


Darling's Americorps Team publishes a monthly newspaper entitled, "The Darling Times." It includes all current school events and news. The student editors consist of:

Larry Williams
Arnetha Spry
Alisha Currenton
LaTreva Johnson
Patricia Collins
Vallena Brown
Bretonia McNair
Brittney Williams
James Shelton
Deondria McCollough
Dannie McCollough

Americorps editors are:

Cossandra McCollough - Chairperson
Keldrick Brown - Co-Chairperson
Kenyatta Cooks - Co-Chairperson

Pick up a copy and enjoy!

Darling's Book Club

The purpose of Darling's Book Club is to support and increase reading in social settings. The club meets after school and every other Saturday. During meetings, the students discuss and reflect on a book that is being read. In addition, the club plans to perform a play, visit residential homes to read to the elderly, and more. The Book Club is sponsored by Ms. Kenyatta Cooks.

Student Council

Darling's Student Council members have been sworn in and they're ready to work. The ceremony was performed by Judge Laverne Holmes Carter. Once officially in, the members take charge by performing various duties that allow them to exhibit leadership roles. The Student Council sponsors are:

Mrs. Velma Emphrey
Mr. Lester Graves
Ms. Michelle Buford
Mrs. Christine Rhymes
Mrs. Louise Kaho

Christmas Time at Darling

On December 14, 2001, Mrs. Leah Ingerham and the Greenville-Weston Choir will host a Christmas musical in the Darling gymnatorium. Just to add to that special Christmas joy, some lucky student will be the winner of a new bicycle, donated by Mr. Jimmy Ford of Riverside Distributors.